This is my guarantee.

  • Flexible and will accommodate your schedule
  • Will arrive with all supplies required for the job
  • Works directly with you towards your organizational goal
  • Offers customized solutions for your unique situation
  • Manages all waste, recycling and donations

Hi, I’m Jaimie Knapp!

I’m a professional organizer in Calgary, Alberta, helping busy professionals organize their home offices, kitchens, closets and storage areas. My organizing style derives from several different strategies – making your systems/space fit you and your lifestyle, sorting and prioritizing everything by its usefulness and letting go of things when they no longer serve a purpose.

Overwhelmed by mountains of paper work? I offer personal assistant services to help sort through it all. Big event coming up and don’t know where to start? I’ll help you with the planning, scheduling and organizing of your event.

Core values I live by – Positive Attitude, Dependability, Open Mindedness and Confidentiality. I truly enjoy helping people from start to finish and seeing what a difference an organized room can bring to their lives.

I am a member of the Professional Organizers of Canada.